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Imagine Yourself as an Index Fund

October 09, 2019

You’re an Index Fund

I’m of the opinion that I should invest some of the money I earn in myself. I definitely see it as a worthwhile investment. All the money I use to buy books, courses or any other educational material is an investment in myself, and it will pay back for itself eventually. It’s like compounding interest, it keeps growing over time as you invest more money in your education. You become more attractive to bigger and better companies. More opportunities will unfold if you look at it this way.

I’ve said it before, learning new things can really change our lives. The more time and money you pour into it, the bigger the change. But be careful of diminishing returns. Only invest your hard-earned money into learning material with a high standard of quality.

Premium Tooling

I never back down from subscribing to a paid service/app as long as I see some benefits for myself. I gladly pay for tools that improve my career and personal life. Some of my favorites currently are Notion and RescueTime. I have been a long-time premium member of those services. I don’t care about the monthly fee, because it improves my life enough that I earn it back, probably tenfold.

Without RescueTime keeping me in check, I would waste hours on YouTube, instead, I work on side-projects or learn something new that I’m interested in. This, in turn, can make me more valuable at work.

Notion is a savior when it comes to organizing my brain digitally. I’ve been reading a lot about Building a Second Brain. I’ve organized everything in Notion through this system. I’m still learning about it, if you are interested in it, check out the PARA Method.

The PARA Method: A Universal System for Organizing Digital Information

What are some of the things you have invested in for your personal growth?